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JVCKENWOOD Group Privacy Policy

We, JVCKENWOOD Corporation together with all affiliated companies in our group (collectively “JVCKENWOOD Group”), recognize and strive to protect the personal data that is provided by stakeholders such as global customers, business partners, shareholders and employees (“Personal Data”) in accordance with the following policy.

1. Personal Data shall be appropriately managed by persons assigned from the JVCKENWOOD Corporation division in charge of handling the Personal Data for the entire JVCKENWOOD Group, and by thoroughly instructing officers and employees about this Privacy Policy.

2. Concerning the use of Personal Data, whenever applicable personal data laws and regulations require that the Personal Data providers be informed of any purpose of use, JVCKENWOOD Group shall inform such concerned persons of such purpose of use, and limit use to the scope of such purpose.

3. Except as permitted by laws and regulations, Personal Data shall not be disclosed to third parties without prior consent of the concerned person.

4. A JVCKENWOOD Group inquiry contact desk for Personal Data matters shall be maintained. Concerned persons desiring to know about their Personal Data may contact the inquiry contact desk, where requests shall be appropriately handled.

5. To ensure that Personal Data is not improperly accessed, lost, destroyed, tampered with, or leaked, etc., Personal Data shall be safely managed, and efforts shall be made to ensure, improve and correct Personal Data security.

6. It is our policy to not only comply with applicable personal data laws and regulations of Japan, but also to comply with those of all countries and regions including the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the EU, and to deal with proper protection of Personal Data together with all JVCKENWOOD Group companies all over the world.

7. Continuous efforts shall be made to improve the handling of Personal Data protection in accordance with changes in the social environment.

Shoichiro Eguchi

Representative Director of the Board, President and CEO

JVCKENWOOD Corporation

Guideline for Personal Information Protection

We, JVCKENWOOD Corporation together with all our affiliated companies (collectively “JVCKENWOOD Group”) comply with the Japanese “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and related laws, guidelines and regulations (hereinafter Laws), and with the JVCKENWOOD Group policy on personal information, and appropriately handle personal information as follows.

In addition, we may also have other rules about the handling of personal information for particular products and services. Please check such rules together with this policy.

1. The Name of the Business Entities Handling Personal Information

JVCKENWOOD Corporation and companies in the JVCKENWOOD Group.

2. The Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We may use your personal information we collect for the following purposes.

In case we collect your personal information, appropriate methods shall be used.  In the event we have you directly provide personal information through documents or the web, with the intent of obtaining personal information, we shall clearly state the purpose for which we shall use your personal  information as may be necessary. However, such purpose of use need not be stated for the information provided concerning the following.

(1) For the purpose of providing following information through e-mail, direct mail, etc.

1) Proposals and other information (including sending catalogs, etc.) provided concerning products and services handled by the JVCKENWOOD Group.

2) Proposals and other information provided concerning the repair, support and maintenance of products handled by the JVCKENWOOD Group.

3) Information provided concerning campaigns, events and workshops.

4) Information provided concerning the gathering of responses to questionnaire surveys and monitoring investigations.

5)Sending of internal employee publications

(2) For the purpose of sending products

1) As product items purchased or ordered

2) As prizes for campaign winners and participants.

3) As mementos for exhibitions and other events

(3) For the purpose of customer support

1) To respond to, confirm and record inquiries and consultation.

2) To respond to, confirm and record repairs, support and maintenance for products.

3) To provide after-sales services and inspection activities for products, and collect payments therefor.

4) To provide updates on products and services .

5) To issue product guarantee certificates, and provide online user registration.

(4) For the purpose of managing JVCKENWOOD Group’s services for applications and registrations received

1) To manage and provide services for all applications and registrations received and contracts entered into by the JKCKENWOOD Group.

2) To manage billing information for purchases and use of products and services

3) To respond concerning the delivery date of products and services.

(5) For the purpose of product development

1) To implement questionnaire surveys and monitor investigations for product development

2) To send compensation to participants for questionnaire surveys and monitoring investigations.

3) To prepare statistical materials.

4) To aggregate and analyze questionnaires.

5) To plan new products.

(6) Other Purposes

1) To conduct business discussions concerning transactions. To conduct meetings and maintain contacts.

2) To manage reservations and historical records concerning visitors to the facilities of the JVCKENWOOD Group.

3) To utilize for the purpose of providing announcements about shareholders meetings, other information for those shareholders, and for the exercise of rights and performance of obligations in accordance with the Japanese “Companies Act”and other applicable laws

4) To utilize to provide information for and to contact employment applicants to the JVCKENWOOD Group, and for other recruitment activities.

5) To provide information and to contact persons in charge of client accounts.

6) To carry out business entrusted by clients

3. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

JVCKENWOOD Group shall not, except in the following cases, provide personal data to third parties. (Such personal data includes personal information from systematic compilations like personal information data bases, etc. from which specific personal information which can be retrieved.).

1) Cases in which the prior consent of the concerned person has been obtained.

2) Cases in which the handling of personal data has been entrusted by us to a third party which exercises proper supervision, in order to achieve the purpose of use.

3) Cases in which personal information has been obtained for the purpose of provision to third to a third party, and the concerned person has been notified in advance (or put in a position where the concerned person can easily obtain knowledge) of such purpose, the data items to be provided, the means of provision, the contact for sending a stop request, etc., and the method by which for the concerned person’s request will be accommodated. Further, in this case a notice must be sent to the Personal Information Protection Commission.

4) Cases which are required by Laws or in which there is need to protect human life, bodily harm or property, however it is difficult to obtain the consent of the concerned person.

5) Cases in which there is particularly a need to promote the improvement of public health or the sound growth of children, however it is difficult to obtain the consent of the concerned person.

6) Cases in which there is a need to cooperate with national organizations, local government organizations or persons/entities entrusted by them, to execute matters prescribed by Laws,  however where obtaining consent of the concerned person may cause interference with the concerned matter to be executed.

7) Cases in which personal data is provided in conjunction with the succession of business due to a merger, business separation or transfer of business.

8) Cases in which personal data is used jointly in accordance with “4. Joint Use of Personal Information” below.

4. Joint Use of Personal Information

JVCKENWOOD Group may jointly use personal data according to the following provisions.

1) Items of personal data that may be used jointly.

Personal data provided by the concerned person (such as historical inquiry data, name, address, phone number, e-mail address and other contact information, type/model name of products possessed, manufacturing/serial numbers, historical data concerning purchases and servicing, etc.) and information collected concerning each item under “2. The Purpose of Use of Personal Information”

2) Scope of Users of Joint Use

JVCKENWOOD Corporation and each JVCKENWOOD Group company.

3) Purpose of Joint Use

The purposes of use stated in “2. The Purpose of Use of Personal Information”.

4) Entity Responsible for the Management of the Joint Use

JVCKENWOOD Corporation.

5. Requests for the Disclosure of Personal Information

Please send your request by Inquiry Form

6. Contact Window for Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

If you have any inquiries about JVCKENWOOD Group’s initiatives concerning protection of personal information and disclosure, please feel free to contact the following.

Inquiries about Personal Information